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CALABAR KITCHEN is the best authentic NIGERIAN restaurant in KIGALI.

With over 13 years in business, Calabar Kitchen has acquired ample culinary skills to serve you homemade mouth-watering Nigerian-Style delicacies at a reasonable price.

Calabar Kitchen’s unique style of cooking is boundless, as our wide range of meals cut across cultures in Nigeria and Africa.

The name CALABAR is a household name when it comes to cooking and ‘kitchenmatics’. It’s a place in Nigeria known for its wide variety of home-made food. Let’s take you on a ride to CALABAR with our specially prepared Efik dishes like Abak, Afang Edikang-Ikong, Editang, Afia Efera and many more.

Every day is a new day with our DAILY SPECIALS. We get creative in the preparation of our specials delicacies like Ekpang, Native rice, Jollof rice, Coconut rice, Rice and our Special sauce, White soup, Eforiro, bitter-leaf and Groundnut soup etc.

 Feel free to chill with our Local delicacy menu. We serve, Ishi-ewu, Nkwobi, Naija SUYA, Plantain & vegetable sauce and Pepper soup (all types).

We are here to make sure you don’t miss home much. Sit back and take a ride with us lets give your stomach the treatments it deserves.

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